Announcing MedX! A joint venture between Integral Diagnostics and Medica UK

We are pleased to announce the joint venture with Medica; medX. MedX is a collaboration between Medica, the UK’s largest teleradiology company and Integral Diagnostics, one of Australia’s largest radiology providers. MedX will provide teleradiology reporting services and increased reporting capacity in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland.

Combining Integral Diagnostics’ and Medica’s radiology expertise, the model has a patient-first mentality. MedX radiologists will be provided with the best equipment, support and clinically safe environment to be able to report with confidence.

Medica and Integral Diagnostics will also collaborate on areas of ‘mutual interest’, including deployment of augmented intelligence (AI) solutions.

In addition, the companies will have the potential to expand the scope of the joint venture in the future, including combining Integral Diagnostics’ reporting capabilities and resources and Medica’s experience in teleradiology.

CEO and Managing Director Dr. Ian Kadish commented, “Integral Diagnostics is pleased to enter this JV with one of the world’s premier teleradiology providers. MedX significantly enhances the capacity and reach of the JV partners and enables us to more comprehensively serve existing markets, as well as potentially to enter new markets.”