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Integral Diagnostics CEO, Ian Kadish talks about plans to return some JobKeeper payments following HY21 results

Integral Diagnostics CEO and Managing Director, Dr. Ian Kadish, sat down with The Australian Financial Review to discuss JobKeeper, COVID-19 impacts and HY21 Results. In the article Ian talks about his plans to “return some JobKeeper payments once the uncertainty of the virus has passed” and the HY21 Results. Find the article here: https://www.afr.com/companies/healthcare-and-fitness/integral-diagnostics-to-handback-some-jobkeeper-20210222-p574jn

Announcing MedX! A joint venture between Integral Diagnostics and Medica UK

We are pleased to announce the joint venture with Medica; medX. MedX is a collaboration between Medica, the UK’s largest teleradiology company and Integral Diagnostics, one of Australia’s largest radiology providers. MedX will provide teleradiology reporting services and increased reporting capacity in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. Combining Integral Diagnostics’ and Medica’s radiology […]

ADIA Commissions Study Titled “The Value of Radiology”

The Australian Diagnostics Imaging Association (ADIA) commissioned a Deloitte Access Economics study titled The Value of Radiology, that demonstrates the value of radiology through analysing the cost-effectiveness of a range of radiology techniques.   Read the full study here: https://www.adia.asn.au/public/3/system/newsAttachments/ADIA_Value%20of%20Radiology_Final%20Report.pdf.

Paul McCrow appointment as COO

Integral Diagnostics is delighted to announce the appointment of Paul McCrow as the IDX Chief Operating Officer (COO). Paul has been with IDX as the General Manager of Apex Radiology in Western Australia, leading that business turnaround and its continued success.  Paul has also been instrumental in the creation, growth and leadership of IDXt, IDX’s […]

Ascot Radiology joins Integral Diagnostics!

In September of 2020 Integral Diagnostics completed the strategic acquisition of ascot radiology. Ascot radiology is a specialised radiology clinic offering all imaging modalities within diagnostic radiology, located in Auckland New Zealand. The specialised services offered at Ascot are: Breast Imaging CT (Computed Tomography) DEXA Bone Densitometry Fertility Imaging Interventional Radiology MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) NIPT & […]

Integral Diagnostics in ASX Top 300

Integral Diagnostics (IDX) is pleased to publish that the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) announced on Friday 12th June that Integral Diagnostics has been included in the ASX Top 300. This means that we are now ranked as one of the Top 300 listed companies in Australia! Inclusion in the ASX 300 will help IDX grow and invest […]